Our story

How Yamka began

Having completed our degrees, we began talking about where our futures were going. We had a mutual passion for art, surface design, interiors and nature and wanted to combine these into something tangible so, little by little and, after many ‘meetings’ down the pub, Yamka began to evolve.  

It was really important for us to produce designs in the most sustainable way we could and we really wanted to become a part of the ever-growing eco sector. With this in mind, we initially tried getting our designs digitally printed by print companies but felt a loss of control over the products used, the timescales and ethics towards the designs, we found silk screen printing. This provided us with the ability to experiment in producing fabric designs using water based inks. We loved the hands-on approach to printing our own fabrics in a more environmentally friendly way.

We then turned to the fabrics and our search began for something that was suitable to print on, had the colours we wanted and was machine washable at low temperatures.  We finally found a cool linen/cotton mix for the face fabric which suited our purposes beautifully and could be sourced from within the UK.  We then found a company that could supply organic denim in a range of colours and this gave us a robust, durable fabric for the backs of our cushions. When we put the two together we knew we had finally found the right combination for our designs.

We are on a continual journey to seek more sustainable methods of working without compromising the designs and as such Yamka will continue to evolve........

Meet the makers

Lisa - I graduated from Wimbledon College of Art in 2013 with a Fine Art degree, specialising in print & time based media. I love using various mediums to create patterns echoing nature.  My inspiration comes from my walks in the countryside around where I live, where, camera in hand, I seek out unusual forms that I can magnify and use as a basis for my designs.  I am naturally drawn to earthy colours and these are reflected in my collection of woodland inspired cushions.

Karen - My Inspiration - Quite simple really - A walk along the beach, a paddle in the sea, an afternoon clambering over rocks and gazing down at nature's pools refreshes the soul, washes us with tranquillity and fills us with many warm memories.  I have carefully sought to reflect these feelings in both my designs and my choice of fabric colours, and to produce a collection that can be mixed and matched so that they can be easily incorporated into any coastal theme.  I really hope you enjoy them as much as I have loved creating them.